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July 2019

A great month of reflecting, learning, and putting in that #werrrk!

-Got put on HOLD for a certain show on Showtime ;) Can’t reveal too many details just yet, just send up your prayers for me!

-Attended the LEVEL UP 2019 conference at Sony Hall to learn more about Branding, Networking, and Business. It was INSPIRING and gave me great direction on proceeding in this business. I am always looking for opportunities to constantly challenge and reinvent myself; this conference gave me the tools to make sure I am creating work that is the best representation and expression of myself as an artist.

-I started writing again! Sometimes all you need is time to be with yourself and a space to pour out all the ideas that you didn’t even know you had. I’m playing around with the thought of submitting some of these scripts to festivals because why not? No time like the present!

Precious Practice** : “CHANGE isn’t predicated on anyone’s feelings; CHANGE is the product of collaborative, intentional work.”

**Life lessons do not always happen at an instant or overnight. Sometime lessons are learned as days go by, through the people you meet, and challenges you overcome. When APPLIED, clarity and precise effective action is made towards your purpose. You may not always feel like applying them and there will be things (self doubt, insecurities, PEOPLE) that will tempt you to dismiss the lessons you’ve learned. That is the time to PRESS and put the lessons you’ve learned into PRACTICE. Happiness is a PRACTICE. Self-accountability is a PRACTICE. Living out your purpose is a PRACTICE. “Precious Practice” is a life lesson I’ve learned and/or am learning that I will share every now and then, in hopes that it will encourage you. It may not speak to you in this season but keep it in your toolbox for when that day comes.

“Why are we here if not for each other”-Claudia Rankine

In solidarity,


June 2019

HAPPY SUMMER!! Hope you are staying cool in this HEAT

In addition to closing out my teaching residencies (#TeachingArtistLife) this month, I also:

-Had successful run at the TANK for DO,WAGER: A Performance Diptych on the vestiges of the Philippine American War with Atlantic Pacific Theatre! Such a fun, challenging, and artistically fulfilling role for me with an uber talented CAST and Creative Team! Thank you to those who came and showed love <3

-Celebrated the book launch of “Sandangaw” by Voltaire Q. Oyzon with a reading at Topaz Arts. Hosted by: Sari-Sari Storybooks, The Filipino School of NY and NJ, PAL/Pilipinx American Library, and Atlantic Pacific Theatre


May 2019

-Have you gotten your tix yet?!


April 2019

It’s April already?! We are passed a quarter of 2019…accountability check! how are you doing with your new years goals?

This month has been productive (and busy! but I’m learning to not mix the two up!):

-Got put on first refusal for a national (fingers crossed)

-continuing to act MAD with the Acting Company of NY Madness

-booked another short film and shooting towards the end of the month

-starting rehearsals for a show at the TANK with Atlantic Pacific Theatre….details to come! We go up in June!

ALSO, I’m looking to get new headshots and completely revamp this website. It’s about time! If you’re a photographer in NYC, hit me up and let’s collaborate!

January - March 2019

HAPPY 2019! It has been quite a busy start to this year thus far. Both professionally and personally. Learning everyday how to turn every challenge into an OPPORTUNITY for growth and in the midst of what seems like “chaos”, I’m learning how to find and keep the JOY.

Along with auditioning for this glorious pilot season I have:

- Joined the Acting Company of NY Madness- catch me at the Kraine Theatre every once in awhile ;) with a bunch of cool, mad (in the best way) collaborators!

-Was in the first MADNESS of the season at the Kraine with the theme: Class

-Did a reading at New Dramatists for Boni B. Alvarez’s play AMERICA ADJACENT. It’s also playing right now in LA at the Sky Light Theatre

-In rehearsals for a short film. Can’t announce it just yet but stay tuned!

Stay lifted and breathe deeply. You got this.

xoxo Presh

December 2018

Happy Holidays! Hope you are having a warm and fun filled time with your loved ones. What a great month it has been! Or rather… what a BLESSED YEAR 2018 has been! So thankful that I’ve had a project every month this year. Looking forward to more bookings in 2019 and ready to LEVEL UP! I already have a few things lined up but will announce as the year progresses :) I pray and speak to your 2019 as being YOUR best year yet!!

Here’s a quick recap of my December:

-Remounted a short play for Queens Theatre on December 3rd

-Booked and shot a PSA

-wrote and directed 2 holiday sketches

November 2018

-Catch me at Queens Theatre for New American Voices: Theatre For All Short plays on November 18th at 6pm & November 19th at 7pm. Tickets are free, but call the Box Office at 718-760-0064 to reserve a seat

-See a familiar face on your iphone and android? If you type up “whistle” or “whistleblower” to look for gifs , you might find someone you know on there from Going In Style ;)

October 2018

-Have you got your tickets yet? Performances of Zemi Dance Theatre’s “Not A Gift” by Peter Myette at FringeNYC is quickly approaching!

Performances are on:

Saturday October 13 at 12pm; Monday October 15 at 7pm (my birthday!!); Friday October 19 at 9:15pm; Monday October 22 at 9:15pm; Friday October 26 at 4:30pm

Click here for more info and tickets:

-Catch me in a reading of Luis Francia’s The Strange Case of Citizen de la Cruz at Topaz Arts Space on October 29th at 7:00pm


September 2018

Happy Autumn everyone! Fall in NYC is just the greatest! I feel blessed to be in living in a place with “transitional” seasons. A walk through Central Park this time of the year is absolutely breath taking. It’s been quite the busy month already! I have started my teaching residencies and I’m looking forward to an awesome school year. I also got put on hold for a few commercials. I have been in rehearsal with Zemi Dance Theatre for FringeNYC. The show is called “Not A Gift” by Peter Myette directed by Heather Lanza. More details to come as press releases and postcards are made. Here’s to finishing 2018 strong!

August 2018

-On set playing "Brianna" for Columbia University's "Grief" videos

July 2018

I've been having a WONDERFUL summer thus far! I've taken a week off this month to visit family and friends in beautiful, sexy MIAMI! Also, been creating something NEW every day. What a blessing it has been!

-I'm doing a workshop reading with EPIC THEATRE ENSEMBLE on August 1...more info and pictures soon!

-A year ago I got booked a project with Columbia University. They invited me back to do more videos with a new character. Shooting starts mid- August

June 2018

-The Grammarly commercial I shot back in February has been floating around. Someone sent me a screenshot! haha! 


-Honored to be part of #NYMadness at the Kraine Theater in

"ARE YOU MY FRIEND" by Aleesha Nash 

directed by Michele O'Brien

It was beautiful to witness fellow artists use theatre as a tool for social justice, awareness, and resistance. Thank you for your incredibly honest and powerful plays!

"Are You My Friend?" by Aleesha Nash

"Are You My Friend?" by Aleesha Nash




May 2018

- Catch me in "Everlasting Chocolate Therapy" by Steven Hayet as part of the 6th Annual New Moon Short Play Festival on May 21, 2018 at 7:30pm

Click this link to reserve tix:

April 2018


-Catch me in a reading adaptation of Chekhov's Three Sisters:  Steel Birds by Niki Hatzidis and Anastasia Rutowski

Nominated for two New York Innovative Theater awards: Outstanding Premiere Production of a Play and Outstanding Full-Length Script

Date: Tuesday April 24, 2018

Times: 2pm and 7pm 

Location: Shetler Studios, Penthouse 1

244 W 54th street, NY, NY 10019





March 2018

-Staged Reading and workshop of "WaDe in Da WaTer" by Monique A. Robinson at The Black Lady Theatre 

February 2018

-Workshop reading of a new short with Vision Light Productions

-Booked a GRAMMARLY commercial

January 2018

HAPPY 2018!! Pilot season is upon us. I've had a few great auditions these past few weeks. Fingers crossed! Enjoying every opportunity to create a character and be about the WORK. In the meantime, did you see a familiar face at the #SAGAwards during the Lifetime Achievement Award Tribute to Morgan Freeman? ;)

Dec 2017

-Wrote 2 Holiday Plays and had the chance to perform in one of them! Links soon to come!

November 2017

-In a reading for Climate Change Theatre Action hosted by Artichoke Dance Company. It is a performance for Hurricane Maria recovery efforts. Please join us on November 11 at 8pm at Artichoke Dance company in Brooklyn.

From Artichoke Dance Company

From Artichoke Dance Company


October 2017

-I directed 3 (& wrote 1!) plays for the RADICAL WOMEN'S CONFERENCE 2017 at the Paradise Theatre! What a blast! Pictures soon :)


September 2017

-New Dramatists' New Playwright Welcome- Read "Ofa" in an excerpt of Boni Alvarez's "Ruby, Tragically Rotund"

August 2017

-The NY Times called me, "...endearingly intense" as Kara in RACE DAY by Don Nguyen as part of "Park Plays". Here is the full review: 

We are approaching our last get your tickets while you still can!

-Acted in a T.I.E piece (Theatre in Education) piece at Brooklyn Arts Exchange

Precious Sipin in Don Nguyen's "RACE DAY" Photo by Dominick Totino

Precious Sipin in Don Nguyen's "RACE DAY" Photo by Dominick Totino

April- July 2017

O my goodness, what a busy spring and early summer I've had!! Along with getting several callbacks for commercial work, I've been wrapping up a teaching artist residency.

"Going In Style" also came out on April 7!

I was also featured speaker on a panel for ActorsInC

I've also been co-directing several productions.

-Here are a few pictures from one of the three productions I've directed these past few months. (Keep scrolling for more news ;)  ) 



-I will be acting with an ensemble of AMAZING theatre artists and wonderful creative team at Queens Theatre in association with Theatre 167. We are starting rehearsals and open June 28- August 6. Hope to see you there!



March 2017

-HAPPY ALMOST SPRING!! For the first few months of 2017,  we've experienced 2 Nor'Easters and CRAZY wind in NYC. I am in such anticipation of the sun! 

-I've been going on great auditions for pilots this month. I am on first refusal for a Polycom Industrial. 

-I am currently co-writing an Easter Production. 

-Podcasting continues!

Feb. 2017

-I booked a video project called "Worth" for COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. clips on my reel to come!

-I did some voiceover work for BOK TV (shout out!!) on EPIC Twitter Beefs: Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy

-A collective of artists and I are creating a podcast on being pin@y in NYC. Stay tuned!

-The work on my solo show continues! Books I've been reading for my solo show are:

Babaylan: Filipinos and the Call of the Indigenous edited by Leny Mendoza Strobel; illustrated by Perla Daly

Reel to Real: Race, Sex, and Class at the Movies by Bell Hooks


Jan. 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR, beautiful people!! This month, I started doing my due diligence and research on my newly revamped solo show. CANNOT WAIT to SHARE everything I've been learning.

I also got put on first refusal for a music video. 

Here's to a wonderful NEW YEAR and a great PILOT SEASON!

Dec. 2016

OH SNAP! Precious finally has her website up and running!!! Thank you for your patience as she continues to edit, add her reel, and figure out this coding life. 


A quick summary includes: booking a GE podcast commercial, booking an Allergen print gig, getting called back for a Boston Market commercial and a cable PSA, going to an AMAZING recording studio to do a little voiceover work for the feature GOING IN STYLE directed by Zach Braff  (coming out in 2017!) . Speaking of, check out the trailer for GOING IN STYLE which just came out THIS month!! I am featured opposite the acting TITANS Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Alan Arkin, and Kenan Thompson.