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Precious Sipin

Believer. Actor. Adventure Chaser.

The official website of multidisciplinary artist, Precious Sipin



Precious. (yes, real name.)

Believer of Grace. Proud Filipina, Raised Native New Yorker.

NYC Based Actress. Teaching Artist (check LinkedIn for that y'all). BA from Fordham University. Producer. Director. Solo Show: "Dalaga"

Creator. Freedom Pursuer. Believer of continuous learning and solidarity. For the Upliftment of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Native Communities. My liberation is tied to YOURS. 

Kapwa.  A Child of MANY Communities. Student of Life. People Observer. Adventure Chaser. Lover of Words. Funny Face Maker. Paleo Pumpkin. Fueled by Coffee.


"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears."- Nelson Mandela


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